Welcome to Paint and Fire!


We are a paint-your-own-pottery studio located in Rancho Mirage. Our studio is open 7 days a week with no reservation required, but give us a call if you’d prefer to make one! We can also book private events at the studio or off-site. Pick up a kit today if you’d rather paint at home or wherever inspiration strikes!


Our studio is expanding! Soon we will be able to offer wheel throwing and clay handbuilding sessions and classes, as well as kids camps and events. Sign up for our newsletter to stay informed and get first access to these new offerings.


In the studio, our trained staff can walk you through some of these fun and easy techniques:
Dot art
Sponge texture


We are looking forward to painting with you!

Nice to Meet You

Who We Are

After nearly a decade of living in Seattle and working in tech and high growth industries, we decided to move full time to our home in the desert to raise our family. Taking inspiration from cultures we admire, we want to focus our time and energy on activities that our whole family appreciates and connects us to each other, nature, and the present.


Ceramic art therapy engages creative energy, encourages self-expression, lowers heart rate and blood pressure, increases mind-body connection and awareness, develops physical dexterity and mastery, promotes a sense of accomplishment and provides respite from intrusive thoughts and emotions. By creating both decorative and utilitarian objects, you are able to explore your creative needs and gain a sense of mastery over both your body and your psychological state. The process of pottery creation can be deeply relaxing and pleasurable, providing solace from troubling thought patterns and behaviors. 


Living in the area, we have sought out activities for kids and have found limited options. Many other parents that we have connected with have also struggled to find activities, classes, and party locations in the area.

How It Works

Paint and Fire in 3 Easy Steps

Pick your piece

Choose from our curated selection of ceramic shapes.

Paint your design

Use our range of paints, brushes, sponges and more to decorate your piece. Leave your piece with us while we apply clear glaze and fire it in one of our kilns.

Pick Up

Your masterpiece will be ready for pickup in 7 days.


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